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Our mission is to became world leaders in solutions for electric vehicle charging.  We were born for this, and we want to offer the most innovative solutions on the market. We also want to remove any obstacle to the acquisition of an electric vehicle that is raised by the installation of a charging point. We offer the best service. We want to lead a comfortable working environment in our company and provide value for all our workers in their careers.

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  • We believe in EFFICIENCY as a source of success. Efficiency is in our DNA, we like things done well and promptly.
  • INNOVATION: We seek innovation in 100% of our work and services, we like to do things differently, and before the rest
  • FLEXIBILITY: We adapt to the changes before anyone else, we hate issues, and so we have a large bin for throwing all our mistakes away to improve sooner.
  • SPEED: work, change, redirect, manage, decide, at high speed, we do not like the slow, not the bureaucracy.
  • TALENT: We believe in the talent as the main engine of our organization. We smell the talent and go after it.

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LugEnergy, a different company

  • LugEnergy is a young company with a different style. Our company enjoys achieving goals. We like to work, we like to do things, and we love what we do.
  • LugEnergy focuses on the customer, we want to know what you want, what quality and what price you are willing to pay, so you will always be heard.
  • LugEnergy offers solutions for electric vehicle charging. We offer the best technology and solutions that enable us legislation. We offer quality products and strive to provide excellent and innovative services.
  • LugEnergy is connected with Negocios Inteligentes 7experience SL trademark.

Negocios Inteligentes 7experience

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