Do you live in a multifamily?

Install a recharging point for your electric vehicle with confidence. LuGEnerGy offers the following service results:

  • Fast
  • Inexpensive
  • Excelent

Punto de recarga en garajes comunitarios

Different Installation diagrams

The multifamily installations differs significantly from private garages. Firstly, the installation is more expensive because it requires an installation of usually more than one meter cable in a detached house.

For that, LuGEnerGy offers different types of installation, you can evaluate what you find most convenient depending on the size of the garage or location of your seat.

Charge Manager (only available in Spain)

If you have a seat in a big community garage, you can choose the Charge Manager System. In this case, LuGEnerGy will install a central counter which provides energy to several charging points. 

New supply

With this system, the installation of a charging point will be made with a new supply. This system needs to contract a new supply, but don´t worry, we can do it for you.

Our best option

Our best option consists of a deviation from your home counter located in the garage you can also apply permission to your multifamily manager for connecting your counter in the community installation.

Charging Manager

Big community garages

  • Low cost
  • Without counter, easier
  • Big garages
  • LugEnergy will invoice the electricity
  • A new apply is not necessary
  • LuGEnerGy will install its counter for you and your neighbors

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New supply

By my own

  • Your own Counter
  • Private installation
  • Independence
  • New counter
  • Choose the best tariff
  • Independence for your neighbors

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Our best options


  • From your house
  • OR
  • All Together
  • Profiting your home installation
  • Using your ancient counter
  • Or
  • Community counter like a family

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