ayuda para la recarga coches eléctricos

If you have doubts about electric efficiency, LuGEnerGy can help you. Here you have some  very useful information for learning about electric mobility.

Charging Electric Vehicles Doubts

Technical Support 

Here LugEnergy shows the technical support you need to recharge your electric vehicle.

  • Recharging modes: fast and slow recharge, four international recharging modes.
  • Electric connector types.
  • Which kind of charging point is a wall-box?
  • Consult our information about grants for getting a electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicles

It is a vehicle (can be car, motorcycle, truck , etc…) that is powered by electricity stored in batteries (fully or partially). It can be pure electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. More.

  • Electric car models

– Nissan Leaf: Chademo and Sae J1772 charging connectors
– Renault Fluence: Sae J1772
– Renaul Kangoo: Sae J1772
– Renault Twizy: Schuko
– Peugeot Ion: Sae J1772
– Volkswagen Golf: Mennekes
– Renault Zoe: Mennekes
– Chevrolet Volt: Sae J1772

  • Electric motorcycles models

– Batery cyclon
– Batery storm
– Bereco 2.5
– Bereco amperio
– Bereco cable
– Bereco chispa
– Bereco voltio
– E-fun  1500w
– E-fun e-volution d5000-li
– E-max 110s
– E-max 90s
– Vertix vx1 li
– Zero x
– Zero ds
– Zero mx
– Zero s
– Zero xu

All motorcycles must be charged by Schuko connector.


Who is LuGEnerGy?

We are a young group of passionate people focused on technology and innovation.

We like to work, and work for our customers. We offer the best products with the best quality.

More information

What is a charging manager?

Only available in Spain, is the enterprise authorized for reselling energy to charge an electric vehicle. Only these companies can buy and resell energy for this task.

Can I recharge my electric vehicle in a multifamily?

Of course, you can. LuGEnerGy offers you different solutions for a charging point installation in multifamily. Contact us!


Which laws regulates electric charging points?

Legislation is complex. First, we have the rules which inform you about grants, on the other hand we have the law about the charging manager. At last, Spanish legislation also regulates low-price electric rates, like supervalle.  

Can I install a charging point in my multifamily without permission?

You only have to notify your garage manager about the charging point installation.  

Can I install a fast-charging point at home?

Although is not prohibited, it is very inadvisable, because its cost is so expensive. Instead of this, it’s preferable to install a normal-charging point, clocking for a night-charge. Fast-charge is an emergency one and should not be the usual charge,because it may limit the duration of the battery if it´s used frequently.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

By a large amount, the electric vehicle charge is significantly cheaper than refueling. In a typical case, the consumption of an fuel car is 7´5 euros per 100 km, and the electric one 1´5 euros per 100 km. But it is also necessary to explain that the electric car doesn´t need as much maintenance as combustion car, because its mechanical system is very simple.

Does the electric car generate CO2?

No, the electric car only needs electricity for moving, and doesn´t emit any kind of gas from combustion. It´s 100% clean.

Recharging time and battery duration

How many time do the batteries need to charge completely? It depends on the vehicle features. It’s not the same with a motorcycle or car.  


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