What´s an electric vehicle?

What´s an electric vehicle?

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This question has a simple answer, the electric vehicle is that vehicle (can be a car, a motorcycle, a truck …) that is powered by electricity stored in batteries (fully or partially).
There are different types of electric vehicles.

Pure electric. It only works with electricity. All its energy comes from the network, and is necessary to charge them for its operation. Its delivery is given solely by batteries. Many of these vehicles (depending on model) can autoload with vehicle braking.

Plug-in hybrid. Vehicle that is powered by a combustion engine and the electric power. When the electrical charge is finished, the combustion function switchs on.

Extended range electric vehicle. Vehicle that has a combustion engine (gasoline or diesel) that charges the batteries that power the electric motor. Furthermore, this type of vehicle is loaded into the network. They have greater autonomy.

SOURCE: http://www.recargacocheselectricos.com/que-es-un-vehiculo-electrico/

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